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St.Thomas Polytechnic, Singapore offers a series of Mini-MBAs that suffice the needs of shipping professionals for training and certification in the multifarious fields of the maritime industry.


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Mini-MBA are focused on developing your professional skills. They are online fast-track programmes that cover core areas of general business and shipping management. Mini-MBAs are a quick and cost-effective way to reach your next career goal and boost your employment profile. They compress the most important aspects of traditional studies into 2-month exciting and affordable online courses. Please contact us for the pricing policy of these programmes.

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ISM Code

Mini MBA in the ISM Code

The main objective of the International Maritime Organization is to set the standards for increasing the safety margin at sea and at the same time, aims at intensive engagement in the protection of the marine environment. The above objectives are largely achieved by the adoption of the ISM Code, as a set of measures that are implemented in order to deal with marine casualties.

Stakeholders’ knowledge of the ISM Code, its proper adherence, and the way its requirements are met are the important parts of this miniMBA program. The program is addressed to all those involved in the wider shipping industry, but also to those who want to engage with the industry.


Mini MBA in the ISPS Code

The International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code is an amendment to the SOLAS and it prescribes responsibilities to governments, shipping companies, shipboard personnel, and port/facility personnel to detect security threats and take preventative measures against security incidents affecting ships or port facilities used in international trade.

This miniMBA program in the ISPS Code aims at specializing professionals in the range of measures used to tackle criminality at ports and on board where there is high possibility of illicit transportation of weapons, drugs, or immigrants, coupled with ship piracy incidents and robberies.

Ship Operations

Mini MBA in Ship Operations

A vital department of every shipping company is the Operations Dpt: the starting point for all the activities concerning active vessels. The miniMBA in Ship Operations presents the key operational factors of each shipping organization and the primary priority of an operator that is to ensure both the safe, smooth and profitable operation of its fleet as well as compliance with its contractual obligations.

The miniMBA also aims at specializing the professionals in the shipping industry in the plethora of procedures followed by the ship’s crew, the shipping company’s employees as well as all those involved at the port, so that there are no delays in delivery or receipt of the cargo.


Mini MBA in TMSA 3

The oil tanker market has for years been the pioneer in adopting rules and systems that promote safety and quality.

There are now quite a few tools to deliver better service from oil tankers. These tools, namely TMSA (Tanker Management & Self-Assessment), are the core of this program. The aim of this miniMBA is to develop the understanding of the principles of self-assessment and continuous improvement of the company’s safe management system, as well as the familiarity with these systems and inspections that are an integral part of the process.

Intercultural Relations

Mini MBA in Intercultural Relations

The seminar extends over 4 weeks and it is intended for those who wish to acquaint themselves with the problems confronting today’s multicultural world. It aims to introduce the different questions facing people who operate in a multicultural environment, be it professional, ethnic or religious, and provide them with the intellectual tools to tackle these questions as well as to find practical ways to solve them in everyday life situations.

Certification of successful completion of the course will be provided upon the submission of a 1.000-word long paper on a subject chosen upon in consultation with the course leaders:

Dr. Dimitris Karydas, lecturer, Humboldt University of Berlin & Dr. Vangelis Bandekas, lecturer, Technical University Berlin

EMS - Environmental Management System

Mini MBA in EMS

An environmental management system helps the company to optimize operations and further considerations. This course provides detailed information about the requirements of the standard ISO 14001.
You will acquaint yourself with methods of implementation of an environmental management system in shipping companies and on board its ships.
If you are a Manager, Designated Person, quality or environmental representative or a superintendent you will learn how to integrate an environmental management system into an existing Safety Management System according to the ISM Code.

Communication Skills

Mini MBA in Communication Skills

The art of Communication allows you to build your image in the audience groups you address and create the conditions for strengthening your activity and effective promotion of your messages.
This Programme introduces you to the world of communication, adopting tools that you can easily use, since you will be able to apply them internally in your organization.

Course Leader: Stamatis Michalakopoulos, lecturer, Athens-Psychico College APE.

Crisis Management

Mini MBA in Crisis Management

Crisis, as an emergency or a sequence of dangerous circumstances, is a real hazard for any business or organization. Its management becomes an element of survival, since the outcomes of a Crisis can be catastrophic or may negatively affect the course of the organization.

Crisis management is a means of state-of-the-art administration, with the main goal of analyzing and managing the risks faced by a company, organization, person or country. This programme offers the tools and methods needed to create a mechanism of preventing and dealing with critical incidents, and even avoiding them.

Course Leader: Stamatis Michalakopoulos, lecturer, Athens-Psychico College APE.


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