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We promote education and training for individuals, professionals and seafarers of the international community,


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Saint Thomas Polytechnic RC was founded in order to offer professional, scientific and research programmes and life-long learning experiences that meet the established need of the Global Industry for integrated and optimum professional services. We are a a broad-based, research-intensive institution, open to all who can benefit, and delivering excellent interdisciplinary research, experiential and civic engagement.

Back in 2018, the Orth. Metropolitanate of Singapore and South Asia, along with the Institute of International Nautical Studies, registered Saint Thomas Polytechnic as a Class 41 (Education) TM (No. 40201824654U) as part of the Maritime Action 2018 initiative.

In 2020, Saint Thomas Polytechnic RC gained an independent status and we established the European Branch (Reg.No. EL489529) to promote efficient research development and decision-making and foster a transnational community of scholars, professionals and policy-makers through the idea of ​​the Eurasian Educational Research Space. Also, we were able to promote professional certifications and studies at a postgraduate level in synergy with the Institute of International Nautical Studies in the EU.

Saint Thomas Polytechnic RC is a member of an inter-institutional scheme approved by the British regulated awarding body EduQual, approved by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).

A Symbol of Trust and Maritime Excellence

Our Identity

Our brand new logo is a striking representation of our values and commitment. Inspired by the Chinese character “” (tuo), meaning “to hold in the palm, to rely, to entrust” as found in the word 托马斯 (Thomas), our logo encapsulates the essence of trust and reliability. This emblem not only reflects our dedication to holding our students’ needs in the highest regard but also signifies the reliance our stakeholders can place in our services.


Furthermore, our logo subtly pays homage to Singapore’s thriving maritime sector. Crafted with precision, it elegantly transforms into the silhouette of a container ship, an icon synonymous with the bustling maritime activities that define this great nation. This thoughtful integration serves as a nod to our roots and underscores our deep connection to the maritime industry.
Experience Saint Thomas Polytechnic

To compete on the world stage,

you need a world-standard education.

We adapt our core strategic principles to enhance the our reputation and to understand resilience as an embedded principle across everything we do.

1. Quality: striving for the highest quality in everything we do.

2. One Team: working, planning for and delivering a shared vision, underpinned by a strong sense of collegiality.

3. Reputation: building our institutional reputation through confidence in our pioneering contributions and excellence in education and research.

You can evolve professionally from anywhere in the world.

Online courses allow you working professionals to enhance your skills online and in your own time, using a highly supportive and interactive learning platform.

Our goals

Transforming lives!

Fueling social mobility!

Changing the world!

Applicants admited
Students from families in which neither parent has a college degree
Students graduated from public High Schools
Students employed within six months of graduation

enrolled students annually.


hours/week needed on the e-platform.

The team

Meet our academic staff.

Members of Council

– P. Benveniste

– E. Spyrou

– A. Tehmaz

– I. Pachoundakis

– T. Lehtinen


– Capt. T.Karagiannis,

Master Mariner

– Capt. F.Mastrogiannis,

Master Mariner

– Capt. G.Papanelopoulos,

Master Mariner

Visiting Lecturers

– Dr. D. Karydas,

Humboldt University of Berlin

– Dr. E. Bantekas,

Technische Universität Berlin

– Dr. T. Markaki,

Universiteit van Amsterdam

– A. Modiano

International Chamber of Commerce

Current Students

Departments & Services

Student Services

The Success Center, the Offices of Student Affairs and Career Services, Counseling, and Training Support Services are here to lend guidance and provide information on all aspects of professional life.

Contact: studentaffairs@stpolytechnic.com

Registrar & Records

Registrar and Records provide support and consultation services to all participants and researchers. The Office maintains accurate, timely, and secure information to support and enforce policy, registration, projects information, the production of transcripts, and other related services.

Contact: registrar@stpolytechnic.com

Financial Services

The Office provides assistance to participants needing help in meeting their expenses, thereby enabling them with demonstrated ability and promise to access a quality experience, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Contact: finance@stpolytechnic.com


Send us an email, to discuss your professional goals.

A team of registrars who are excited about your progress and professional development will assist you in shaping your future career.

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